Custom Oil Paintings

Collaboration is fun!! 

I generally work from photo references. If you have one, email to     If you don’t have one, simply describe your vision as best you can :)  

Be as involved as you like, let me know background color preferences, how bright you would like it, what room colors your trying to match, the overall mood your wanting, etc.

I will get back to you soon on sizes, current price listings, and time frame. Once we have a plan, I will give it my best.

If you LOVE the result, you will be sent an invoice and instructions for payment. Your painting will then need 4-5 weeks for the oil to be dry to ship. You will receive an email tracking # at that time. Unless your picking it up, then anytime works! I’ll have it ready in a travel/drying box :)

If you DON'T LOVE IT, we work together to make it perfect or I will keep it. You will NOT be charged.


If you prefer to speak with Katie to order, here is my Cell 319-400-0622